OSC covers

Energy-saving high temperature insulation for industrial installations
OSC covers are a multi-layer thermal insulation material used as thermal insulation for all types of machinery, equipment and transmission systems, where high temperatures occur and where the flow and heat losses are to be limited.

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OSC covers (photo) are mainly used as insulation of injection molding cylinders, valves, pumps, compensators, control cabinets, power generators, pipelines, tanks, etc. ,irregularly shaped devices. They can also be used as insulation of exhaust systems in large combustion engines, e.g. in tanks and other combat vehicles, where they are installed to lower the air temperature in the cabin. The covers are available in 5 varieties. They have specially selected external coatings, which allow the use of this type of insulation also in a chemically aggressive environment, e.g. in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The shape and thickness of the insulation (10-50 mm) are selected individually on the basis of construction data provided by the customer or based on measurements made at the recipient.

Features and Benefits
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  • energy savings of 30-40% (e.g. for insulation of injection molding cylinders),
  • reducing the temperature to 70% (OSC 500 cover of 25 mm thick at the temperature of the device 400°C) (FIG.),
  • adapting the temperature of devices to the requirements of health and safety regulations,
  • reduction of noise level,
  • high durability and chemical resistance,
  • the possibility of repeated disassembly for the purpose of machine maintenance,
  • extending the service life of heating elements,
  • custom made for each element of the installation.

Temperature reduction
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Technical data
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Type OSC 200 OSC 500 OSC 500 CH OSC 500 ALU OSC 1100
Max. Continuous operation temp. of internal layer [°C] 200 500 500 500  1100
Thermal conductivity [W/(mK)] 0,07 at temp. 200°C 0,14 at temp. 500°C 0,14 at temp. 500°C 0,14 at temp. 500°C at temp. 1000°C
Impregnate (laminate) on the outer shell silicon silicon PTFE aluminium aluminium
Chemical resistance of the outer coating good good excellent good good
Colour of the outer shell grey grey grey metallic metallic
Fastening method non-flammable velcro non-flammable velcro non-flammable velcro non-flammable velcro steel belt loops