Drum heaters

Sinkoplex electric drum, bucket and cylinder heaters are more efficient and consume significantly less electricity than conventional heating belts.

Test results confirm much greater efficiency of heating jackets than heating belts in heating and insulating of drums, buckets, pails, gas cylinders and IBC tanks.

Strzałka w dół

The heating jacket is a faster, easier and more economical method of heating and maintaining the temperature of industrial materials.

  • Teflon-polyester coat
  • Insulation made of polyester fleece
  • Resistance wire insulated with silicone spiral sheathing
  • Easy adjustable buckles
  • a 3-meter power cable
  • Standard size: 25l, 50l, 105l, 200l
  • Thermostat: 0 -40ºC or 0-90ºC
  • Duration of heating: approx. 48 hours (200l of water from + 15ºC to + 60ºC with a 450W drum heater)
  • In addition, a drum bottom heater can be used
  • IP40 protection

Strzałka w dół

Part No.
Length x Width


11-9858 200 L 1990×800 mm 230V 1200 W
11-9858A 200 L 1900×800 mm 110V 1200 W
11-9859 200 L 1990×450 mm 230V 530 W
11-9859A 200 L 1990×450 mm 110V 530 W
11-9856B 105 L 1650-370 mm 230V 400 W
11-9857 50-60 L 1330×460 mm 230V 300 W
11-9857A 50-60 L 1330×460 mm 110V 300 W
11-9856 25-30 L 1200×400 mm 230V 225 W
11-9856A 25-30 L 1200×400 mm 110V 225 W